5 Reasons to Start Making Your Own Jewelry

Posted by Kristin on 7/22/2016
5 Reasons to Start Making Your Own Jewelry
Making your own jewelry may seem intimidating.  You may think that it would be too expensive, difficult, or time consuming.  Sure, it can be, but it doesn't have to be.  There are inexpensive tools and supplies out there that can get you started.  Also, the internet is filled with jewelry making tutorials to guide you through the process.

5 Reasons to Start Making Your Own Jewelry

1. It's inexpensive
      There are inexpensive jewelry pliers and chain cutters available at online stores like Amazon or at craft stores such as Michael's.  You can also find high quality chain and findings that are inexpensive (i.e. some of our chain starts at $2.00 per foot).  The initial cost of tools may be pricey if you purchase them all at once, but think of it as an investment.  Once you have them, the only thing you have to worry about is chain, pendants, findings, etc. 
2. Handmade jewelry make one of a kind gifts.
       There's nothing more sentimental than giving a friend or family member a piece of jewelry that you made with your own hands.  Making jewelry for others requires time and thinking up designs inspired by their personal style...you can't buy that kind of love at a store.

3. Style pride
       It's a great feeling when a stranger asks where you bought your necklace...a necklace that you made! When you make jewelry to reflect your style, you're showing off your individuality and creativeness.  Have you ever gone to a store looking for a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings that matches the vision in your head of what you want to wear? Or have you ever seen a piece of jewelry that you almost love, but wish it looked a little different? Making your own jewelry allows you to make your creative vision a reality.  

4. Making jewelry can be relaxing.
       Listen to your favorite tunes, clear off your desk, light a candle, and de-stress with jewelry making.  Making jewelry requires concentration.  When you're concentrating on the intricate details of a necklace, for example, you'll find that your breathing slows down and regulates.  Some of the more time consuming jewelry projects require patience and focus.  After an hour or so of jewelry making, you'll (hopefully) find yourself less stressed. 

5. Easy way to make extra income
    So, you start making jewelry and realize that your designs are actually pretty good...consider selling them for extra income.  There are so many platforms to get you started.  For example, Etsy is a great global community and marketplace that allows you to create your own store and sell your unique products.  It's easy to set up an account and start selling right away.  If you start small with Etsy and find success, you can also register your business with your state (registering a fictitious name or "Doing Business As" is only around $50) and start selling products at local craft festivals or markets.