Bracelets Have Meaning, Too

Posted by Kelly Wright on 3/30/2017
Bracelets Have Meaning, Too
The dictionary defines bracelet as an ornamental band or chain encircling the wrist or arm. Not everyone likes something hanging loosely around their wrist, or anything at all on their wrist for that matter, but 
a bracelet or watch or a combination of the two can be everyday accessories for many. Did you know that bracelets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials and many of them have meaning behind them?

As an example, a wish bracelet is usually made from a natural fiber of some kind...jute, cotton yarn, cord. Depending on your imagination, it can be braided, twisted or single strands put together, left plain or with beads added. It's meant to be put around someone's wrist and tied with a simple knot while, at the same time, that person makes a wish. When the fibers wear through and eventually break, the wish is said to come true.

Two friendship bracelets are usually identical or similar in design and exchanged between two friends. The circle of the bracelet signifies the unending friendshp between the two. Of course, they are not limited to two friends. Maybe a group of childhood friends would exchange bracelets for a reunion or a hallmark anniversary or for absolutely no reason at all.

A remembrance bracelet, adorned with a stone, gem or sometimes a locket, is often worn to remind us of someone dear or of an event that has had an impact on our lives. Because it is worn in a place that is constantly seen, it triggers a flow of good memories.

Carry your collection of favorites with you when you wear a charm bracelet. Traditionally, it's made of chain with large links where an assortment of theme-based charms are attached and displayed. As the wearer moves, the charms bounce against one another to make a tinkling sound and possibly a distraction from the stress of the day.  

Jewelry for your arm can be mixed and blended depending on your feelings and mood. Leather with chain, bangles with cuffs, expansions with buckles and any other combination the mind can create. Sometimes it seems that the goal is merely to see how many one arm can hold.