Chain is a Star!

Posted by Kelly Wright on 3/17/2017
Chain is a Star!
Chain is a Star! Chain has been such an integral element of jewelry through the centuries that often we don't even see it. Our eyes search for a pendant or how the gemstone is displayed and skip right over the chain. That's all changed as the fashion requirements have developed with different trends. 

For many, fashion is a manner of self-expression, and jewelry is the exclamation point at the end of the daily sentence. Past the hallmark 'pendant on a chain' scenario, chains are commanding more creative rolls in today's fashion. Changes in designs and the base metals themselves have allowed a wider range of choice.

Some ways to use chain might include:
  • Layers - layering bold-link chains of different sizes, metals and color 
  • Body Chains - dated back to ancient times, these were not invented for celebs such as Rhianna and Miley, but most likely started as an adornment for the dancers in some ancient East Indian court.
  • Ankles and feet, adorned in goldtone or silvertone or your choice of the many available colors of chain, can be a very sexy addition. There are some clever designs for connecting anklets and toe rings for those pool parties coming up. Show off your pretty peds!
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