DIY Prince Pendant

Posted by Kelly Wright on 7/5/2016
DIY Prince Pendant
I'm obsessed with our new vintage bronze cabochon pendant.  It's only $2.00 and includes the glass oval cover.  It's perfect for making personalized pendants.  You can use your own photos, pictures of loved ones, abstract pieces from magazines or books, quotes, pressed flowers...the possibilities are endless and unique to you.  

Making your own pendant requires a few things: Our cabochon pendant, super new glue, scissors, a pen/pencil, and your imagination. 

This Prince pendant was inspired by a Rolling Stone magazine I was reading.  It worked out perfectly that the album cover was the same size as the pendant.  


How to make your own:

1. Grab a pen and outline your piece using the glass cover.
2. Cut it out.
3. Place the piece in the cabochon setting.
4. Use 4-5 drops of Super New Glue around the edges.
5. Press the glass cover over the setting and hold for 15 seconds.