How Does Jewelry Make You Feel?

Posted by Kelly Wright on 5/12/2017
How Does Jewelry Make You Feel?
How do you feel? No, I'm not inquiring about your health, although I hope you do feel well; but I'd like to know how you feel about yourself. Our world is filled with situations, ideas and ideals never dreamed of by our ancestors and yet, you face new challenges every day. What does this have to do with jewelry, you might ask. 

In order to conquer each day and those challenges, you must take inventory of yourself and the way you feel about YOU. Let's take a little evaluation test, shall we?

1. Mother's Day is coming up, so let's start there. Are you a carbon copy of your mother, or are you a rebel and brand your own way?
2. Do you follow the trends you see in magazines and on TV or are you your own trendsetter?
3. Are you flamboyant and "out there" or are you classically understated?
4. Do you pick your jewelry as an accent or do you design what you wear around a piece of jewelry that you absolutely love?
In these few questions, what did you learn about yourself? Each piece of jewelry you wear tells a story about you.

I don't know about you, but I think that a woman's confidence and uniqueness are her main assets. When you are confident about yourself, it doesn't matter that you are carrying a few extra pounds, or that your skin isn't perfect or you're having a bad hair day. We all have our moments of not being quite on the mark. But, what matters is that you can feel good about yourself under any circumstances. You know who you are inside and the love you feel for yourself brings out an inner beauty the world can see.

When it comes to choosing jewelry, each piece you choose tells how you feel about You. Here are a few guidelines that might help boost your confidence and individuality:
*Wear jewelry that tells a story about who you are and that matches your personality, not that of some Hollywood actress 
*Find pieces that support a cause you believe in
*Wear jewelry that has meaning for you such as a friendship bracelet or a charm or pendant that connects to a memory or a symbol of your faith
*Make your own. To let your true personality, individuality and creativity shine, make pieces that you design. When someone comments on how pretty your necklace is, just think how proud you will be when you say, "Thank you. I made it!"

Whether you realize it or not, every piece of jewelry you own has a story behind it. What story does yours tell about You?