How to Revamp an Old Purse

Posted by Kristin on 7/11/2016
How to Revamp an Old Purse
For me, thrift stores, vintage shops, and flea markets are gold mines filled with hidden treasures.  Whenever I have a creative itch to make something new, I check out a local shop for cheap & thrifty materials.  My newest obsession is revamping broken vintage purses using thick chain or our vintage flat leather.  

I recently purchased an old genuine leather purse at a flea market for only $5.00.  Yes, genuine leather! You can call me a flea market guru. The purse was a little worn and the strap was ripped on one side.  Instead of walking by, I thought I could bring this baby back to life with a little chain.  So, I bought the purse and 2 feet of Chain 54 in Antique Brass ($7 a foot)

This project was incredibly simple and only requires a few steps.  It took me less than 5 minutes to complete this project. 

Step One: Cut off the broken strap using jewery cutters or scissors

Step Two: Open the links of chain 54 using jewelry pliers

Step Three: Connect the links to the holes were the old straps used to be and close. 

Step Four: Humbly accept compliments about your awesome new purse ;)

Most of you reading this post are probably creative.  Whether you're a jewelry maker or jewelry enthusiast, you most likely have an eye for art.  If you're feeling creative and on a budget, shop local, shop used, and turn something old into something new.  Chain does not always have to be used to make necklaces or bracelets.  Bring out your inner artist and think of the possibilities!