Inspiration for Your Jewelry Making Designs

Posted by Kelly Wright on 4/13/2017
Inspiration for Your Jewelry Making Designs
If you are creating jewelry for yourself or for someone else, where do you get inspiration for your jewelry making designs? If you make jewelry to sell, where do you get new ideas for your designs? I thought we could talk about some ways to uncover fresh concepts for new jewelry. 

When you think of spring, do you think of the sun sparkling through raindrops or flashes of sunlight dancing across the waves bouncing on the beach. Does that remind you of crystals strung in different positions on a chain for a necklace? When you see your garden burst open with patches of color as the flowers mix with the greenery, do you picture colorful strands of round leather or wire with sliders or beads bounds together in a clasp to form a bracelet?

If you have children, look into the toy box and see what you find there. Building blocks, Legos, modeling clay, pipe cleaners - all of these can give you ideas for a piece of jewelry that is truly creative. If these elements alone don't inspire you, give them to your children and watch what they do with them.

Go online and research the current trends for jewelry. See what Hollywood is wearing or what the big fashion designers are pairing with their styles and pick out the designs you like. Of course, you can't copy them exactly, but you can use them as models for the kinds of pieces you and your friends like, or for pieces you will make to sell. 

You can get inspiration from anywhere. What's in a name? Have you ever taken a piece of wire and bent it into funny shapes? Why not take that wire and bend it into someone's name to form a bracelet? If you're making a piece for a specific person, think about that person's personality, hobbies or career and make it a gift they will treasure for a lifetime. Do you live in a place where there are seasons? Someone may not wear an anklet in the winter but would love custom made full-foot jewelry that is so fashionable for summer wear.

There are countless ways to get your creative juices flowing when you train your eyes and your mind to see what you are looking at. Trust your imagination and have fun doing what you love to do.