Is Jewelry Making Right For You?

Posted by Kelly Wright on 2/2/2017
Is Jewelry Making Right For You?
Jewelry making is a fun hobby for many women and men. With a few tools and an array of supplies, people make pieces to copy what they see in the fashion magazines or create from their own ideas and imagination.

Jewelry has been a form of self expression almost since the beginning  of time. The first people wrapped themselves with plants or in animal skins and then picked up one of the bones, a rock, a shell, or a flower and added it to their 'ensemble', either as a closure or an adornment. As people learned to use tools, jewelry became more elaborate, but it has never lost its appeal to royalty as well as the common man.

When you make a piece of jewelry to give as a holiday, anniversary or birthday gift, I personally think you are giving a piece of yourself to that person. You created something, even if you use a pattern, with your time and effort, making it special for someone special in your life. It is unique and one-of-a-kind, just like the person you're giving it to. 

Jewelry making can be good for the soul...therapeutic in a manner of speaking. It is an exercise in concentration, which can clear the mind and relieve stress. Using your hands in conjunction with your mind and imagination can lower tension levels and work out anxieties. If you form or join a group or a class to make jewelry, you reap the benefits of mingling with like-minded people.

Finally, making jewelry is a very good way to make an extra stream of income. If you are serious about your craft and work to get good at it, there are all kinds of ways to sell your jewelry pieces. You can find local craft fairs or jewelry shows and rent a booth for a small fee. Your local jewelry store or jewelry making supplier might consider selling your items on consignment. You can always start selling on eBay or Etsy. Whatever you do, make sure you have a variety of pieces made and ready to go. You may also want to consider making custom pieces for people with their own creative ideas, but who don't want to actually make it.

Jewelry making can be fun, healthy and profitable. I am giving you my personal invitation to visit KZ Chains for all your jewelry making needs. And come say hi to me in person when we're at the bead show in your area.