Jewelry Making Chain

Fashion Base Metal Chains for all your Jewelry Making. Available in color finishes as shown in the sample below.

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In today's fashion trends, there are countless ways to wear chain. Of course, you can always create a necklace, but will you use just one base metal chain or a variety of styles and colors that are available?

Are you creating a piece of jewelry to match an outfit or are you creating a piece to build an outfit around?

Do you want to combine chain, beads and a pendant or will you mix your chain selection with leather or some other type of material?

If you have been a crafter for a while, you know there is a look and feel to the size, texture and colors of the chains you choose and that will depend on what you intend to do with them. If you're new to jewelry making, you'll get the hang of it – practice really does make perfect.

We at KZ Chains and Leather pride ourselves on providing you with a wide variety of  jewelry making chain to choose. From small and dainty chain to big and bold black or antique copper chunky links or coins, we have it all.

Browse through all our selections and colors below, and imagine how the different types will work together or how they could mix and match.

Please read here for more information about the base metal chain.