Jewelry making supplies and their functions

Posted by Kelly Wright on 8/9/2016
Jewelry making supplies and their functions

Making your own necklace is an extraordinary art and can be a decent source of income as well if you choose to sell them. But, it is important that you keep in mind that designing jewelry is not an easy task.  Before you start making your own jewelry, you should become familiar with the essential tools and supplies needed to make your job a little easier.

Different jewelry making supplies serve different functions and if you master how to use them in the right way, it will be very easy for you to craft your own beautiful jewelry right at home.  There are various supplies that are essential for beginners and master jewelry makers. Here’s a look at the top ten vital jewelry making supplies and tools.

Jewelry Chain and Findings: Jewelry making chain is a great way to expand your creative options! There are so many different styles of chain available.  At KZ Chains, you can choose from over 140 styles of base metal chain with 9 different color finishes that you can cut to custom lengths for a perfect fit on each creative project.  In order to create a necklace or bracelet, you will need chain and findings.  Findings include open or closed jump rings to connect chain together and lobster clasps.  

Pliers: A pair of pliers is vital as it can help you make fast adjustments to a jewelry piece.  Pliers are very helpful for wire-wrapping. They can be used for making or fixing broken jewelry.  There are different styles of pliers for each job.  Chain-nose pliers will help you open and close jump rings for making necklaces.  Wire-wrapping pliers are self explanatory and are essential for creating beautiful wire wrapped pieces with intricate details.  Round nose pliers are used for creating loops in wire and headpins.  

Tweezers: These are important when it comes to untangling bead work and small jewelry findings. 

Memory Wire Shears: Wire shears can be used to cut thicker wires and plated chains.  Essential piece to have to cut chain and wire without tarnishing them. 

Helping Hands: When you are designing jewelry, you may once in a while you wish that you had somebody to help you out. The helping hand jewelry tool gives you that option.  They typically have a magnifying glass and a couple alligator clips to help hold a piece in place while you work on it.  Great for soldering and working with tiny findings and items.  

Needle Files: In order to get a smooth edge for your jewelry, you will need needle files to file down the piece of wire so it can have a smooth edge.

Wire Guards: Also known as thimble guards and chain protectors. Wire guards protect wire from wearing out and reduce stress placed on beading wire.  They give your jewelry creations extra security.  

Beading Mat: This is also necessary as it can help keep all of your beads in place. Beading mats prevent beads from rolling around and make your beading job a little easier.