Why Do We Buy but Don't Use?

Posted by Kelly on 10/10/2016
Why Do We Buy but Don't Use?

According to some reports, personal storage accounts for more than $24 billion in American revenue each year. A national average of nearly $15,950 in personal credit card debt seems to support the notion that we buy much more than we can use at any given moment. So what is it that encourages us to buy things and then let them sit on a shelf somewhere?

People strive to fill recurring needs such as hunger, and enduring needs like shelter and clothing. The need for esteem, as in owning the latest electronic device, and for self-actualization by paying for things like college to get a degree are also strong motivations to buy. As we move through our lives, our perception of what we need, what we must have and what we want becomes clouded by marketing ploys that stimulate each and every one of the senses.

Consumers today are blitzed through television, radio, magazines, the Internet...it’s been estimated that the average consumer is exposed to about three thousand advertisements per day. [Kalle Lasn, Culture Jam: The Uncooling of America (New York: William Morrow & Company, 1999)]

We buy because our perception of the marketing ploys convinces us that we will be more beautiful, more successful and less bored if we just have this wonder product.

Now the question is, why do we buy and then not USE what so fully captured our attention? In my business, providing jewelry making supplies, my customers excitedly browse through the product pages and purchase supplies to make their creative ideas come to life, but then, once they receive what they've ordered, let them sit on a shelf and don't get motivated again to create.

So I'm going to give you an incentive to do just that. Let's have a little contest with a big prize, shall we?

Like my Facebook page at facebook.com/KZChains. Then post a picture of one of your creations and get all your friends to like your post (and my page, if you please). When the contest is over on October 31, whoever has the most likes for their pic will win...wait for it...a $50 shopping spree on KZ Chains and Leather!!!

Now, let me see all that beautiful jewelry that I know you've been wanting to make!